The Role of an Adwords Consultant

Adwords consultants work closely with their clients to execute and design a custom-strategy. The goal behind this is to ensure that a growing ROI is generated over time. While every expert uses different processes, there are some important tasks that are a part of every Adwords management service.

  1. Define Metrics and Determine Objectives

Over time, you and your consultant should work together to come up with a specific set of metrics, which you will use to gauge success in the time you spend with them. Some of the most used metrics by experts are conversion rate, quality score, click-through rate (CTR).

Before you start your engagement with a potential consultant, it is vital that both of you have the same metrics. You can read up on this at

  1. Improve and Manage Quality Score

Quality score helps you keep an eye on multiple aspects of your campaign. Each keyword comes with its own score that has an impact on the rank of the ad and the cost per click. Your chosen specialist aims to yield higher quality scores for you. This helps you get a discount on every click.

  1. Commission Effective Landing Pages

Of course, your landing page plays a major role in the success of the campaign that your consultant is running for you. Some experts allow you the opportunity to take up an in-house solution for your landing page. On the other hand, there are those that give the contract to a designer on your behalf.

Creating customized landing pages to help you establish a strong online presence, is part of the Adwords optimization process carried out by your hired expert.

The specialist you hire to run your campaigns will perform the abovementioned roles and much more to help you make an impact online.