Here Is What You Need to Know about the Basics of Cord Tissue Banking

If you read various medical blogs and forums, you must have come across the term cord tissue and cord blood. In addition to that, you must have started to hear terms like cord tissue banking and cord blood banking. You can say that this is medical science soaring high to offer the world revolutionary healthcare benefits in the coming times.

The umbilical cord is the long narrow and soft tube that connects a baby to his/her mother. When a child is born, doctors have to cut this cord. However, scientists have realized that the cord that’s connected to the child contains a plethora of stem cells. These are the cells that can reproduce and give rise to new tissues in the body. In short, they are like repairers of the body that keep dividing to repair the damaged body tissues.

Scientists have found that these cells can be a great treatment for many health conditions that occur due to the degeneration of cells in the body. In fact, stem cells are even effective for fixing various brain health issues. So, when you hear the term cord tissue banking, you are looking at a service that stores the cord tissue and the blood within it for the storage of stem cells.

The stem cells obtained from the cord are then saved by banking service providers. If your child suffers from any of the degenerative conditions in the future, you can use these stem cells to treat that condition. Some of the conditions that doctors can take care with the help of stem cells include but are not limited to rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and various brain diseases that cause a person to be forgetful.

More research is still underway to find further benefits of stem cells and to discover new ways to incorporate them into medical treatments for maximum benefits.