HVAC Troubleshooting Guide

Sometimes you don’t need a HVAC repair you just need some troubleshooting. Remember what you do when your phone is not working properly? You clean the RAM, shutdown, and restart or you remove the battery and insert it again. Now as you understand these are not repairing tasks. They are just some tricks that work well at least half of the time. As your phone is not at all similar to the HVAC system, the troubleshooting is also different. Here are a few things that you can do.

Circuit Breaker

The circuit breaker saves your HVAC system from damage in case of electric power fluctuation. The circuit breaker cuts the electricity flow if the electricity fluctuates, so you can put it back up. This will connect the circuit and the HVAC will start to work again.

Set Thermostat

Sometimes people don’t set the thermostat properly so they don’t get the desired heating or cooling. You can increase or decrease the temperature to achieve the desired heating and cooling. You need to understand the existing temperature and the change that you require.

Change Batteries of Thermostat

It is important to check the batteries of the thermostat. If the batteries are the thermostat might not be working. Weak batteries don’t allow the thermostat to work properly. The thermostat needs to communicate with the HVAC system to maintain a certain temperature.

Replace the Air Filters

Sometimes the clogged filters can impair the efficiency of your HVAC system. If your filters are disposable you can change them and throw away the previous ones. If you have permanent filters then you can brush away the dust or wash them. This will decrease the effort that the HVAC system has to put in to maintain a certain temperature.

Check the Ducts

It is important to check the ducts to ensure that they don’t have anything stuck in them. Mostly they are made in a way that nothing can enter except the air. Sometimes insects and animals find their way in the duct and are stuck there. You can check to ensure that no tools are left accidentally in the duct.