4 Benefits of Flood Insurance

Is your home vulnerable to a flood? Use this FEMA map to determine the risk of a flood for your home. You’ll learn if you live in high risk flood zone, either A or V. Even if the risk isn’t high, it can be beneficial to ask about flood insurance for your home. Here are four reasons to consider flood insurance.

1.  Your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover flood damage.

Homeowner’s insurance only covers water coming from the sky. If rainwater comes in through the ceiling and damages your carpet, a homeowner’s policy has you covered. If the river rises and flows into your home, you’re not covered unless you have flood insurance. A flood insurance quote Tampa doesn’t cost anything.

2. You don’t have to hope for government assistance.

To get FEMA or other government assistance after a flood, your area must be declared a disaster zone. Federal disaster areas are only declared about 50% of the time. Some government aid only comes as loans, which must be repaid. Flood insurance is not a loan.

3. Flood insurance protects your home.

It’s estimated that the average flood claim is around $30,000. It’s not only flooring and walls that need repairs after a flood loss. Kitchen cabinets, appliances and basements can all be victim to flood waters. Imagine having to rewire the basement or first floor due to extended water damage.

4. Even renters can purchase flood insurance.

If you rent, your renter’s insurance won’t cover flood damages to your personal property. You, too, need flood insurance to protect against losses. The landlord’s insurance won’t pay for your losses, only for damages to the property.

Flood insurance is peace of mind for you, whether your home sits in a high-risk flood zone or not. Discuss your home insurance needs with your insurance agent to understand what is covered and what isn’t.