Pond Fountains Serve a Practical Purpose

Those fountains you see in greenside ponds on golf courses or alongside suburban office complexes contribute to setting a tranquil mood, but oftentimes, they also serve a more practical purpose. Proper aeration, courtesy of a lake fountain pump typically in six feet or less of water, improves the quality of the water where bottom sediments would otherwise be releasing gases and algae might form.

Avoid Algae

The aeration process drives the algae spores deeper into the water, where they will have less growth-inducing sunlight. The oxygenated water reduces the hydrogen sulfide gas levels that would otherwise generate foul smells.

Fish Friendly

The lake fountain pump is also fish-friendly because it enriches the water with oxygen. At the same time, the constant flow of the water diminishes the likelihood of mosquito eggs deposited nearby developing. These advantages can be reaped with a modest 1.5 horsepower motor for an acre or less of surface area and an additional 1.5 HP for each additional acre.

In deeper bodies of water, more sophisticated lake fountain pumps are required to do the job, pushing air through diffuser plates sitting at the bottom. The air bubbles rise, creating the aforementioned benefits for the ecosystem.

A Variety of Styles

When it comes to style, there are multiple options, each of which presents a different look. Three-tier fountains are among the more popular products because rigging them with lights makes for an impressive evening show. Pod jet/ring configurations shoot the primary stream straight up, complemented by smaller surrounding jets aimed outward.

Though most frequently seen in commercial settings, fountains are hardly foreign to residential properties. However, the cost can be a consideration since even a basic setup will run for $1,000 and usually require expert assistance for both installation and occasional maintenance. The more sophisticated and eye-catching set-ups can run up to $10,000. In addition, operating a fountain 24/7 will run up the electric bill on a scale comparable to the filter on a backyard pool.