Fundraising Software (or Donor Software) for Church Applications

Fundraising software (also known to be called donor software) is a utility for organizing, promote, and create a place to give. Unlike what the name may imply, it is not dedicated just for larger fundraising events and organizations. Donor software usually had a way to process online contributions, organizing and handling charity registrants, properly sorting givers information, and a few more other things as well.

Fundraising (or donor) software is generally aimed towards normal not-for-profit entities and is both a digital giving utility and also a consumer relations organizer (or CRM, customer relationship manager). For the majority of all of the churches, those additional uses might overlay with what is already in their church management and/or accountant software. An example of such software can be found at

There are a few different reasons why a Church may use a fundraising software. Handing around the donation plate and gaining tithes via checks and/or cash is definitely still a normal operation that happens in most churches. Though, according to charitable giving stats, donating processes and ways are beginning to learn to the online donation side of things. That doesn’t mean the plate is going to be disappearing anytime soon, though.

A study about the amount of cash that people carry came up with the possibilities that about 40% of people have no more than $20.00 in paper cash with them at any given time. Another study suggested that possibly about 38% of participants do not really ever write paper checks either. A small percentage stated to have been guilty of writing checks a few times or more per month for the last few continuous months. So, with so many less people with cash or checks, where does that leave a church in hope of some tithes? If a church was to possibly offer fundraising software that allowed people to offer a donation on the world wide web with their payment method of choice, you are potentially opening up a wide range of people to offer any sort of donation at all, since they may not be able to provide much in a church. At the same time though you would expect anybody that is going to Church or regularly goes to expect to hit the ATM or request some checks in the mail from their bank or their banks website.

A church may also be able to offer an automated form of giving, such as an automatic bill paying recurring setup does. Have them select an amount to give on the website set up as a recurring fee and allow their banks to be automatically be withdrawn from every Sunday around 1pm local time (so that way they don’t feel the pain before going into Church that Sunday). Another reason why a church might consider having such software is that it will allow them to easily track digitally how much they are receiving in donations so they are better able to handle and create their budgets based on the income that they are receiving. This will potentially allow for a more efficient financial setting in the Church place.