How Tech And Marijuana Are Changing The World

Marijuana legalization is quickly spreading across the United States. Currently, there are more talks than ever on a federal level about changing the status of the drug for both medicinal and recreational purposes. These legalization trends start in 1996 when California began allowing the sale of marijuana for medicinal purposes. The next big even in marijuana that shocked the nation was when Colorado legalized the substance for recreational use across the state. While individual towns and cities may have their own regulations concerning cannabis, it’s largely legally throughout the state as a whole. 

Technology is advancing around the world and it’s been making some big changes in pretty much every industry you could think of. This is especially true in the marijuana industries in the United States. One of the interesting things about marijuana and tech is that a lot of it has been emerging in the market for relatively short periods of time and are growing and evolving side by side. 

Transparency is very important in many different industries, but it’s especially true when it comes to marijuana. Not only do customers want to see where their product comes from, but the government also wants to as well. There are a lot of regulations surrounding the emerging industries and it’s important to keep up with every step of compliance. Many parts of the law are gray areas which is why it is important to keep great documentation to show that at least there was an attempt to stay in line with the current regulations. 

On a consumer side, tech is also making marijuana more convenient. You may even be able to get a dispensary app from your favorite recreational or medicinal marijuana shop. This is a great feature when you want to see what is available before heading out or to possibly even be delivered to your home depending on the store and current regulations. 

Things are changing quickly for the marijuana industries and investors and venture capitalists are taking notice. Most experts see an enormous amount of potential when it comes to marijuana and are putting their money behind it. Many believe that cannabis is going to be legalized on a federal level soon and are entering the investing space which is something they had hesitated on before. Even institutions like banks, payment processors, and others are now at least considering getting into the marijuana space as they are not as nervous about legal issues coming up in the future. 

This gray area has opened up a lot of opportunities in the world of tech and many forward-thinking innovations are being made. The tech industry is known for being able to solve a lot of problems while minimizing risk which makes it perfect to deal with the murky waters of the emerging marijuana industries. The pioneer firms that were willing to take the risks in the earliest days have paved the way for other companies to start wetting their toes in the field. Cannabis 2.0 is almost here and tech is ready.