Practical IT Changes in Customer Service

In today’s fast paced technological world, many people are looking for ways to save time and money. Because people are always on the go, it can seem as if the responsibilities are too many and the time to get it all done is too little. That is why more and more people are looking for ways to save both time and money wherever they can.

IT Has Changed Conveniences

The world of computer technology alone has created a vast new world of commerce and knowledge sharing. While there are cautions to heed in these major changes, some of these changes have had significant benefits for consumers and businesses alike across the country and the globe. Information can now be shared at the speed of light. This knowledge sharing is not just local, regional or statewide. Information technology has helped business, government and personal communication move with split second timing.

While the standard in person real time transactions in commerce and government are still a prized way to complete transactions, there has been a shift. In areas like shopping, banking, customer service, customer support as well as bill services, the internet and modern technology has changed the way people move their time and money. In fact, most people would agree there are some areas where technology has played a significant role in improving the response time for getting things done.

In fact, one of the reasons for the surge in online shopping is because of convenience for consumers. In the last decade, online shopping has gone from being a small portion of commerce, to being one of the major drivers of the economy along with other forms of in person retail shopping and dining. Companies that found ways to be competitive and thrive in this new marketplace are usually the ones who provide more online shopping opportunities and more convenient ways to shop. This has also proven to be true beyond the normal boundaries of commerce.

The Surge in Kiosk Usage

Additional use of expedited services can now be found in restaurants, grocery stores, doctor’s offices. banks and government services with self-serve kiosks . Many of these new upgrades include self-service kiosk machines that let people order, pay, check in, check out and get other services directly from a self-service machine.

While there are still many services that can only be done with in person service, there are a wide variety of services that can be completed with the use of a self-service kiosk. Restaurants now provide them at the table to start the order process even before a server gets to the table. Additionally, retailers have them in store for ordering items out of stock, doctor’s offices now use for faster check ins for patients and airports are using them for faster ticket and baggage processing.

Many of these kiosks can also be found at utility company bill pay locations and a variety of government locations like the ones provided by

Most models operate like an advanced ATM, laptop, tablet or PC. In the government one of the best and most productive uses for self-serve kiosks has been the kiosks at the United States Post Offices. These kiosks have helped people be able to do their mailing at all hours of the day and night.